Monday, July 27, 2009

Grace's New Room

About a week ago, we agreed that it was time to get the girls their own rooms. They go to bed at different times now, and Lindsay likes "alone time" to read before bedtime and during the day. So we decided to take the "toy room" which they never play in and remake it into Grace's room. Grace chose the colors and everyone pitched in. See the great pix of phase one below. Once Grace's room is done, it's Lindsay's turn.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Dalles and Cherries

Way behind on my posts. Last weekend we took a trip down to The Dalles. Found Lindsay a new bike and picked Cherries with Aunt Mindy.
It's the latest venture for us in what is turning out to be a busy summer. Here's the rundown on summer so far...We had a fun little 4th of July at Dun Elsie in Grays River. Saw a Beaver Game in Portland went to Eastern Washington to for Emily's first birthday. Grace graduated from pre-school. Click through to view the whole gallery.
To the Portland Beavers Game

Pasco and Emily's First Birthday
Pre-School Graudation Day!