Monday, November 17, 2008

A House is a ship at anchor...

Welcome to the Hunt Family Blog, where you can get a look at the latest pictures and keep track of what we're all up to these days. I decided to start this blog up after packing a flood, ballet practice and a major house project into just one week. Anyway, the hope is you'll be able to bookmark this page and check back to find the latest updates.

About Dun Elsie:
Dun Elsie is the name of the house, or at least that's what I've called it for the past 16 years. Dun is celtic for "fortress" and Elsie refers to Elsie Torppa - a lady who lived in this house for about 40 years. Amy remembered coming across the fields and eating Elsie's cookies in the kitchen when she was a little girl. I guess this house has long been our little fortress -- a safe place for us to return to far from the maddening crowds of the workaday world.

A House is like a ship at anchor

The waters gently rock it to and fro

It may turn its face into the teeth of the wind

But it holds fast, it holds fast

as the years come and go

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