Thursday, November 8, 2012

More photos from our big house project!

Just downloaded the camera and here are more photos from our big house project, including a peek inside the secret rooms behind the bedrooms on the upper floor.
This is the room that is behind our bedroom. It has been sealed off since the house was built. Not even ladybug or vermin sign in here. Can't wait to make this into a master bath. 
Another picture, the room is estimated to be about 12 x 6 but  the roof angle is steep. There is a similar room on the other side of the house behind Lindsay's bedroom. 
Tarpaper and insulation have made a huge difference in how warm the house stays even as the nights have gotten cooler. 

Glad I didn't have to climb up there.
The finished project. Looks great, now to paint the porch. 

Follow this link to the full album. 

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